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A while back I purchased these parts which were described as being for GTV6s. After sitting for some time, I was sorting thru things and discovered that they were different from my GTV6 units. So, I won't be able to use them for my own GTV6 project car.

One PC board seems to be for the driver's side, and in good visual condition. The other is broken. Part number shown to help confirm these are for Alfetta Coupes. Don't want to have two people tricked on which car model they work on! I'll sell the 3 parts separately if you don't need the full sets. The only other Alfetta parts I have are a complete transaxle assembly--- deDion frame back to the rear rims (including: clutch, gearbox, differential, half shafts, etc.). Since I can't use it, the price is cheap if it can be picked up in Vermont.

Considering what parts like these are selling for, I'll keep my prices below the low side. So for the buckets I'd be OK with $39 each + S&H. For the good PC board, I guess $69. Both prices are about $10 below the lowest I found. Please double check my pix to make sure my parts are indeed for Alfetta Coupes, that the part # matches what you need, and that you agree that the PC board is actually for the driver's side.

For anyone who might be interested in my Alfetta transaxle, I'd be good with $250 for the entire assembly (picked up here in VT).

If any of these are of interest, you can e-mail me to claim them. As I have no way to test the PC board, I'd sell it conditionally--- If you weren't happy with its function I'd buy it back for the part price.

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