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Can anyone use an original extra boot/glove box key for their Spider? It may fit other Alfas, but I'm not sure which others used this "round phallic" style. Wife says that it is appropriate that these Alfa keys look like a . . .

There is a 4 digit number on the "SAFE" side of the key, if the first digit is an 8 then this blank will fit your car. You just have to take it to a hardware store to get the blank cut for $1 or $2.

eBay Motors: Alfa Romeo Original Key Blank (pattern #8) (item 280169709525 end time Nov-10-07 08:34:53 PST)

My first venture into selling something on ebay which is where I bought this, however seller didn't say that it was a #8 pattern key. I needed a #4 which looks very similar however the grooves are slightly a different width.

I'll donate $3.00 of the sale of this to the board if a member buys it. Just let me know you saw it here in a message to me through ebay when purchasing.


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