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For sale is an Alfa Rio 2300cc motor that I imported from France about a year ago. I "won" it on Ebay while stationed in Baghdad for a year, dreaming of hotrodding my 101 Sprint when I got home. During that time I also purchased a cast iron 1900/2000 engine gasket set, with a 87mm oversize head gasket. The Alfa Rio motor is based on the 1900/2000 cast iron design but with 88mm bore and 95mm stroke, 9.0:1 Compression, 97.1kW @ 5500rpm max power, 200Nm @ 3000rpm max torque with twin Solex C40 DHC Carburetors (Google Alfa Rio 2300, for the Rio story). When I claimed the motor from my U.S. shipping agent I noticed the upper timing chain was removed. Taking the head off to inspect for issues provided a good photo op and happily there was no piston/valve damage. With the head removed I was able to turn the motor over with both hands on the crank pulley. I believe it came out of one of the late 70's Rio Sedan imported to Europe, and has been passed around with little further use. My guess is that upper chain was removed for a previous buyer's inspection. I have a good number of photos ready for email, send me a note. This will probably need to be a local pick-up in San Diego. It can be lifted by two men into the back of a pickup truck. I've spent at least $2200 including everything. I'm not expecting to make money here but would hold rather than take a large loss. Please contact me at 619-791-9210 or [email protected], to inquire and/or submit offers. Respectfully, Reid
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