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I have a really good dashboard for a GTV2000 with instruments. No cracks or breaks anywhere and its original.
Now for the bad news. the veneer is nasty and should be replaced, also there is a hole drilled for a gauge between the 2000 and the seatbelt light on the face of the dash. If you replaced the veneer it would cover the hole completely (IMHO). Lock on glove is missing. There is a hole for a radio and a couple (not many, just a couple)of places on the top of the dash that if you are looking at it from like 6 inches away, you can see what might be the beggining of little inch log cracks but nothing through the surface that i can see anywhere. The guages are intact but i can't vouch for their working.

I really don't want to ship this beast so would like to sell to someone in New England ( I am in CT.)
Email at "[email protected]"
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