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FS: A Bunch of Alfa Parts

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I am posting this for that well known Alfa Racer - Russ Neely. He
doesn't want to hassle with it.

He has mostly complete 1984 and a 1985 spiders. Both are complete with
L Jet drive trains and 4.10 rear ends. The five star wheels (the
heavier late aluminum ones) have been sold. Both cars have hail damage and
broken windshields. The 1984 was hit on the left front and the top was torn
up more by the hail. As a result the interior is pretty well gone. The
1985 came from the Red Neck Rivera (Gulf Coast of Alabama) and has body
rust. Both have sat outside for 5 or 6 years. Given that both are
pretty complete mechanically, He is thinking of $600 each, obo. Neither has
working computers.

Parts are located in Oklahoma City, OK.

He has a 87 Quadrifoglio chassis. It has sat outside since he got it. It was
hit in the right rear. Thieves came around a few weeks ago
and stole the phone dial wheels, the radiator, the battery cables, anything
they could sell to the scrap dealers to buy drugs. It will
get cut up. About all that is good is the transmission, and 4.10 rear end.
Asking $200 and you provide the wheels.

He does have a full set of Quadrifoglio emlems, bumpers, spoilers
and lower body cladding. Make an offer.

He has a rusty but complete 72 spider. It has the late Spanish Webers
which may not be as good as the early Webers. The thieves got the
Turbina wheels and the radiator. The cylinder head has been welded, probably
due to a freeze crack. Both this and the Quad will be cut up if no one
wants them. $100.

He has a 82 spider that was really nice. He built it 10 years ago, but
a subsequent owner got T boned on the right front wheel. He pulled out
the balanced engine to go in his race car. The shimmed Limited Slip
4.10 is going into his GTV. It had a bunch of body and paint work done on
a totally rust free tub before it got hit. If some one wants a really
nice rear clip, here it is. Make offer.

He has three complete engines. Two are 1975 Alfetta, one is about a
1978 Spica Spider. Both Alfetta engines are good with 85,000 on one
including Spica, the other has about 40,000. I am not sure about condition of
the spider engine. $350 each.

He has several 105 spider doors, hoods, trunk lids, gas tanks, top
bows, wiring looms, all sorts of Alfa stuff. He has a brand new 1971 spider
hood in primer with the Alfa part number sticker. Also has a brand new
chin panel and the inner fender and radiators panels for a 71, all new
in primer.

This a bunch of stuff accumulated over 30 + years of being an Alfa pack

We have more "stuff" but we have to sort thru it all.

If no one is interested, I will put it on the dreaded eBay.
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Hi John
I am in need of a replacement trunk for my 1979 Spider. Pm me if you have one that is rust free.

You mentioned that he as spoilers for an '87 Quad., does this include the rocker skirts? I might buy the entire spoiler set if they are straght. Please let me know what exactly is available with the '87 Quad. spoiler set. Thanks for the help.

John H.
Hey john,

Do any of the Spiders have an oil/sump guard, i'm in need of one for my 78.

I think we have a couple of oil pan guards. Not sure if they are for Spiders. Give me a little bit of time to check it out.

Alfa Bob and John H - sent you PM.
Do yo have volt meters? from the 79 or the 81? I want to install one on my 82 gtv2.0
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