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I have an 84 project car that I am selling. Not sure if Ebay, local paper or if a forum like this is the best place to start. Well, I am starting here.

The Good -
The car is running and has tons of peep - sound engine
Front end is tight - no vibrations, stays straight on road, great handling
Drive train - All gears engage
Body - Almost dent free, No visible rust
Glass - Good shape
Total Car - all original, super sharp
Tires - New all around and spare
Fuel Pump - brand new
Never wrecked

The Bad -
The car dies when applying brake - probable vacuum leak
Leak of cooling fluid - I have not identified where, probable hose
Clutch - Will need replacing soon but not immediately
Top - the current top is tore - The frame looks to be in great condition
Seats - Leather - bad shape
Carpet - Yuk - cleans up but looks cheap
Interior Electrical - I will list what does work; Blinkers, Hazard, one high beam, Radio, cigarette lighter, AC control fan, temp gauge, power mirror maybe a few other things. What does not work is power window, most gauges including speedo and tach.
Dents - tiny door ding, front lower spoiler, outer dings from Battery
Reverse - You have to hold the shifter or it jumps out
Paint - Clear coat on trunk deck is bad

I still drive this car often and it looks and runs great even though I still classify it as a project. I also have a shop manual that has detailed schematics for the electrical problems and a brand new bra for the car (I dont like these). The car is a deep charcoal gray (almost black - love the color). I have never posted on a forum like this so I am unsure how to post pictures but I am sure I will find out.

I know this car is worth more but I am looking to get minimum $2500.00

The car is in Horn Lake, Mississippi 38637
Bryan Waldon

[email protected]

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I live in Jackson, MS, and am interested. Just one problem, I'm currently working in Boston for a couple of weeks. If you still have it when I get home (October 14) I'd love to have a look at it. I'll follow your post to see whether it sells in the meantime.
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