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Well, what can i say?
I fell in love with a 74 GTV all over again. I'm would like to give my 78 SS a new home to create some space for the GTV. I need to sell this one before i can get the other one - unfortunatly.
My 78 has about 89K on it, the car is in almost original stage.
The car has no rust she is clean and ready to enjoy.

The paint is in great shape with couple of nicks but original.
the sindow seals and door panels all original. the previous owner did have the seats redone but thats about it.
the car runs great, i just had it looked over and she got a clean bill of health.
Since i got her i got 4 new tires (Bridgestones), new brakes all the way around with rotors, bearings and seals. Then the front crank seal was leaking a little so had that done and the SPICA filters too.
the car has Shankle 7L cams, Shankle headers, Shankle valve guides and springs.

over all she is great - i drove it all the way up to Van Nuys for the car show at 90 MPH no problem. Oil pressure 55 and just kicks ***.

Unfortunatly i need to sell her if i want to get the GTV :(

by the way i'm trying to put pics but i can't get it to work.

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