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fs 74 GTV2000 red mostly original 4K!!!

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I have to sell my GTV I have lost interest and space.inenzione? Fuel injection.. It's currently in WV
has about 116000K on it.The professionally rebuilt trans alone cost me close to 3 K. I have old parts . and several spares Interested? ask. Also all old shop work reciepts from fritz a Science teacher in austin. It came w/ 5 chromadoras,tires are good was a Texas car so the rust isn't too bad but in usual spots .. Replaced non original upholstery . I had it tuned and timing chains adjusted before garaging so It's very runnable w/ fluids changed. I think 4000.00 firm. chris


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Chris, loosing interest in no excuse. Get to work on that bad boy.
GTV for Sale

That's low.. I 'd love it to look like your 73! I just can't find anyone and or afford to do the Resto. I should never have bought it .. but It was a fun ride from Austin... and Is fun to drive .. If I had my own garage I could spare maybe ..
Argh! I wish the car was still in Texas.

I might have to look into shipping options...

When you say it's very runnable, do you mean that it is currently in running and driving condition (mechanically)?

I mean it ran when I parked it about a year ago so it needs fluids changed maybe gaskets checked ( the engine weeped pretty well when parked) a battery.. so it's a ways from being a daily driver. It needs to be restored Is a very good candidate . I have to find some place to post the rest of pics or send direct >??
Chris, please drop me a line at: [email protected]
I couldn't get to your photos.
Best Regards, "Z"
That's odd this sight is wierd.. I posted them and did what i could to make'm viewable oh well,"Kartracer" has them all now ... The car is near Rainelle south central WV
southern wv near rainelle, lewisburg..

what part of WV?
right off hwy 60 between lewisburg and rainelle.
SLIDE SHOW UP ! warts n'all

Did I menchon there are new door panels /gaskets as well as a new drivers window crank apparatus OMG! what _____ genius designed that thing and what assylum did they put him in ! lol That silver race project makes me wanna keep it and do it up for summit point! That's a gorgeous 1750 **** need a driver ?:D
dont do this to me Chris! i a currently hunting a spider but being here in Charleston WV i am oh so close!!!

doug hunt
slide show URL at image shack under "ctgtv2000"

and again...
uhh spiders SUCK! :)))

yes i onece drove a spider It was nice if for the only reason i am tall and it felt right w/ the top down.. but really Doug, this Spica Drives wonderfully, like some kinda direct drive.. and i love carbs. if i can find a hse to rent where my new job is I'm going to look into keepin it. I drove it up from Austin a few yrs Ago what a blast! And no pesky rag top to worry about! best chris
This is a real good deal doug hunt!

Doug, I have Real near 3K in the Tranny rebuild alone pro done with Reciepts and old parts.The list goes on etnausium. If i get back up there and find a place i can take it to outta the 50$ a month garage down there I'm lookin into keepin it... any stuff on floor in slide show btw is previous to it's stay there.
and is it still available

just wanted to know if it is still available...a long time since I have enjoyed driving, as only an alfa can provide. 59 2000 was my intro, I think I could use a fix! please tell me more if it is still on the market.
yup, and I'd love to get it to a person who will do it justice hmm tell me what you need to know It's very orig cept for seat covers.. underside good 5 chroma's a fender and a cowl ready for resto... boxo extras... Tranny rebuilt at alfa shop in falls church 3K! have replaced parts alfa books injection book , tool . 540 533 8825 talk to me! anything but price 4k is lowered and firm, and a deal in my book,. best Chris
mechanically? yes

yes I'd say mechanically it's very driveable , there's a station around the corner i'd take it to and change fluids, maybe drain gas tank if poss.and you could very likely drive it back to texas. I'd just bring some oil *** it weeps a bit, like a british car of same age.. please forgive , I'm not comparing it to said nightmare at all.. lol K ?

Argh! I wish the car was still in Texas.

I might have to look into shipping options...

When you say it's very runnable, do you mean that it is currently in running and driving condition (mechanically)?
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