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I have 2 complete GTV parts cars for sale. I will soon be losing storage and have decided to sell a few parts cars I have.

The good news is that (as far as I can tell), they are complete with good glass. They bad news (no surprise here!) is that both have rusty sheet metal at common areas such as below the windshield, rear quarter windows, rear window, and most of the non-stainless metal trim parts are pitted. The interiors (besides the hard parts like gauges, etc.) are rough. They have been in dry storage for at least the 10 years that I have owned them, and the gentleman I bought them from had them in dry storage a long time. I think the '71 was silver/black and the '74 was dark blue/tan.

The chassis pieces appear to be in good condition, especially on the '74. The '74 ran and drove pretty good before I stored it 5 years ago - all I recall is that I had to shift 2nd slower than the rest of the gears or it would slighty grind and pump the brakes a bit to stop. I put Stabil in the tank and MMO in the cylinders ('74), but have I not cranked it recently. Both are stock (including Spica), and have never been picked over (as far as I can tell). Most of the '74 interior/exterior trim bits are in boxes, and the '71 has yet to be disassembled. The roofs have been damaged from storage, and between that and the rust, I selling them as parts cars only.

I thought I'd give an enthusiast a shot before they went on e-bay.

I'd like $1000.00 for the '71 and $1500.00 for the '74. The mechanicals and glass are worth that much alone. They will have to be trailered away, and I will help with loading them up. Please e-mail any questions to:

[email protected], tel: 786-319-4552, ask for Mark


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