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OK guys it’s time. I have to part with my precious.
She is a 74 GTV that I’ve been working on for a wile now. The car is not finished but a lot of work “mostly body” has been done. I will try to list the progress and needs the best I can. The price is $3800. This price should be more than fair considering the work done so far.

*Comes with a T-Spark motor (yes the proper model)- I was planning on doing a
conversion much like Jim Steck’s set up.
*Body work is pretty clean. Major cancer areas were gutted and new metal welded in.
*High quality products used PPG paint, Poor-15 sealer, Metal Glaze..ect
*Shaved bumpers, shaved engine compartment- planning on transferring battery to the
*About $600 worth of body seals and trim brand new in box. Bought from IAP

-That is pretty much were she stands. I’ll list some major things that I discarded due to the condition being past the point of restoring. She will need…
-Exhaust system
-New windshield
-Heater box (if you want it, I didn’t)
-Pretty much the whole interior, (got the dash and console) every thing else was chucked.

Of coarse with any project there is much more needed but those are the Biggies.
I moved to Houston and continuing the project is not an option. The car is in San Diego, the Mira Mesa area. If you call me I can tell you more about it and set up a time for you to take a look. If you send me a PM I will do my best to get back to you, but a phone call is probably best. Thanks, Eric (760) 522-0500.
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