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Fs: 71' Gtv

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1971 Alfa GTV--GREAT DRIVER!!!
Bought from Doc Doolittle in Seattle, Hi Doc!!! Owned 3 years. Runs and drives strong! This is NOT a car for purists, but rather for those who want to actually DRIVE a car that remains one of the best designs ever built. Starts hot or cold, all gauges and lights work, except temp gauge. Tranny shifts well with normal second gear crunch if impatient when cold. New wheels, tires, bilstein shocks, rebuilt front brake calipers, uprated fuel pump...etc etc etc within the last year and a half. This car was intended as a driver for me, and I set it up to be so. Body is good, some rust, jacking points are solid, paint is 2 years old. $6500.00 NO TIRE KICKERS!!! No joy rides. SERIOUS parties only. Extra parts available: Complete spica, alternator etc. Call Michael 624 4268 wk/hm Spokane

I have tried to embed a pic slideshow below...if that does not work please go to this link:

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nice car...
Where is the rust located and which engine is in it.
Is the interieur in good condition?
Peter W van Vliet
the Netherlands
More pics, please?

Can you please send me more pix of the interior, engine compartment, trunk floor, underbody, and close-ups of any rust. I understand its a driver ( which is great for me ) but I am in Detroit and would want to know what I am getting into before I'd consider going to Seattle. But I really, really, really like your car.:D

Thank You

Michael - could you post or send me pictures of the interior, engine, exhaust, etc. I'm in Yakima and very interested. Thanks - Craig
Hey Everyone
Thanks for the nice comments and interest. I am contacting interested folks in order, and believe the car is sold. I apologize that I cannot send more pics and respond to everyone. I will post here when the car is sold.
Sad to hear the car is most likely sold, but I'm glad for you... it's a sweet looking car! I emailed you (youenn) but no response so I guess I'm not on the short list :eek:
Hello Again,
My 1750 IS STILL FOR SALE!!! Sorry all...I was messed with for 3 days by someone from CA who it turns out was not serious. I have added more pics to the online album of the interior and underside of car:

She will be sold to whoever puts the $$$ in my hand by the week-end...or sadly it will go on ebay.
Appreciate your patience and interest.
Hello All,
CAR IS SOLD...CASH IN HAND. Went for full price and worth every penny....especially with the extra parts thrown in for $100.00!!! Thank goodness I did not have to resort to ebay!
Dealt with a super funny, nice, straight forward gentleman named Greg Clark, and his son Benjamin out of Prescott, AZ. REAL car guy that makes a living doing his "hobbie"...buying everything from 72 earlier, mostly European with an emphasis on English stuff. I can highly recommend doing business with him.
Bittersweet for me as it is never easy to see an Alfa go, but it was an enjoyable exchange and I know the car will be cared for down in the high desert.

Thanks again to all who emailed and showed interest.

Looks a lot like the brand new one I bought in 1972 in Portland.

Drove it back to MA got hit, gave to my mechanic

I would like another one now for my FL condo. I suspect that you sold that one
by now.

Jim Mega
617 543 4920
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