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FS: 70s spider door panels, w/ pics - $10

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Two amaranth (dark red) door panels from my '77 spider. I replaced them with new panels from Re-Originals, but the old ones were pretty flat, and the vinyl is in decent shape - the only real problem was the chrome was peeling a bit. Good patch if your car has warped panels, and you don't want to shell out for new panels. $10 for local pickup - if they don't sell locally, I will consider sending them for $15 plus shipping, so let me know if you're interested.

<br>front side<br><br>

<br>back side<br><br>

<br>see, they're straight!<br><br>

<br>passenger's side<br><br>

<br>driver's side - here you can kind of see I tried to touch up the chrome with chrome-colored spray paint, but with limited success.<br><br>
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