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FS: 69 Spider Original NOS Oxblood Door Panels

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I have a set of NOS - still in the sealed AR parts bags - '69 Spider lower door panels. They are the "oxblood" color that AR says is "Deep Purple". They are for a LH drive car. The AR part stamp says: R - 10503.55057.00/02, L - 10503.55058.00/02 They are in perfect, new condition; never seen a human finger print (since bagged anyway). Have been inside during my ownership. They may well fit other years. Any interest? Serious offers only. Next step is e-Bay. Call 832-746-4163 or e-mail. Thanks,


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I know someone who may be interested. I'll inquire over the weekend and let you know.
Still Available

They are still available. I have responded with more detail by e-mail. Will try my luck on e-Bay after a couple of weeks. Thought I might finds a more serious clientele here first.
8C Longshot

The 99 8C's coming to the USA are all spoken for at $250K each!
that's a very LONG SHOT then . . .

. . both financially and logistically . . . . :(:(:(
Spoke with the friend and he is interested. Do you have a ballpark dollar amount in mind?
I asked

I responded to the original post with a private email just hours after it was posted. I asked for a ball park figure on price. Never received a response. I don't know what it requires to be considered "serious".
Need your coffee??

I have responded to every inquiry I have received - public and private - offline. You can ask "barcone", "classicalfas" and "papajam". They were long, friendly, thoughtful, and specific. I am sure that serious inquirers have done their research and know the value. I rechecked my Private Messages Inbox and show nothing form you. To go public, I am asking $500 OBO. My alternate is to dye them and use them on my 69 versus buying aftermarket now, but I thought I'd try to make them available if someone really needed and/or wanted them. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, regards, Bruce
coffee? No.

My response was sent to your earthlink account address in your post on 8-30 at 7:33pm. I never got a kick back or any indication the message was not received. My interest was sincere.I received no response and assumed the inquiry was disregarded. If I was wrong I apologize. Thank you for indicating the desired sale price.

I responded offline.
Last call, 2 AM. $350/OBO + shipping. Next stop is e-Bay. Still NOS, still in sealed bags. Thanks.
Now on e-Bay

Reduced price.


Sold via BB the day I listed on e-Bay.
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