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It's time for me to pass this gem on to someone else now. It's an all-original and unrestored example that I bought from the original owner in 2004. It has 24,000 documented original miles, and its condition is indicative of that mileage. PO told me that nearly all of the paint is original, and it looks excellent. Interior is incredible...seats, dash, carpets, belts, etc. couldn't be better, and all are original.

It came out of a 30-year storage and required a fair amount to make it right. New hoses, belts, ignition parts; we pulled the cylinder head and sent away to be disassembled for cleaning and valve job (installed big valves and new guides/springs). Head work done by well-known head specialist in midwest. Spica was serviced with oil change, new belt, filter, and perfectly. The rest of the fuel system was gone pump, gas tank cleaned, new gauge sender. Clutch and brake hydraulics all new, except brake boosters were removed and not rebuilt (in a box). Lots of other things -- too many to list -- but all the important stuff is absolutely original.

Everything works except: speedo is not very, uh, precise. Radio works but connection to antenna is spotty. The original sealed beams are weak and need replacement.

BWA wheels; everything else is stock. Have all documentation from day 1.

Photos located at:

These pics are about 2 years old, but are absolutely indicative of current condition...nothing new and has barely been driven. Has been stored in dry heated garage since they were taken. I would be happy to take more if desired.

I am asking $29,000; I hope you think this fair given the quality of the car. PM me if you want to discuss in detail. Thanks, everybody.



1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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