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FS $2500.00 1987 Alfa Spider Black, Memphis, TN must sell!

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120k miles, engine rebuilt by Alfa shop in Nashville less than 15k miles ago.
It wont go into 2nd gear, but otherwise runs great. 2500.00

pics are here

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Any rust, other than in the spare tire well?
Rust Reply

Any rust, other than in the spare tire well?
Not that I can see. THere are two small spots where the paint is bubbling uplike there is a bit of rust beginning underneath or something (one on the trunk lid and one up near the windshield....but besides that, the body is sound.
Reply about shop that did the engine work

What shop did the engine in Nashville?
Auto Tech Import Car Shop
Repairs done 7-2-2004
Bumping this - we are moving soon so we really need to sell!!
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