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I have for sale for a friend two sets of wheels.
1 set 13x7 Campagnolo from his GTA 613XXX , these are 13 inch but used in period.
See pictures. Asking €2500,-

1 set Technomagnesio TZ 5.5x15 wheels, good condition, extremely lightweight. See pic. All wheels alike. Asking €2000 set. Were on a genuine TI Super.

Posting them here probably gives better chance than posting in FS section. If no takers I'll put them on Ebay.
Shipping can be aranged.

I have no financial interest in selling these wheels. I'd love to have the Techno's myself but can't afford.
They are from a friend who doesn't use the Internet et al much, so therefore, he asked me to sell these.

and the TZ:

for more info, feel free to PM.
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