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Moving, must sell!

1992 164s black with tan leather, approx 250k on body, 79k miles on engine (came from parts car: 164s, same year, same color, hit left rear)

Lots of recent work:

  • less than 10K since total brake job including all new rotors, new rear hard-lines, left rear caliper and parking break cable
  • 20K Since New radiator
  • Professional rust repair on both rear fenders with metal/fiberglass and new paint
  • Front fenders, headlights, grill and hood from parts car installed (southern origin, excellent paint)
  • new power window regulator
  • less than 5K miles since new muffler
  • trunk lid and spoiler from parts car installed
  • spring from parts car installed left front (replaced broken spring)
  • less than 50K miles since new windsheild
  • new head gaskets
  • new timing belt and tensioner (just done!)
  • new radiator hoses
  • recent intake flex-pipe, K&N filter
  • recent front suspension bushings
  • side mirrors from parts car installed
  • Engine runs strong and smooth, no visible smoke from tailpipe when you mash it (and it IS fun to horse arround a bit ;) )
  • Eclipse AM/FM CD, Canton 6 1/2" seperates in the front, Polk Carbon Coax seperates in rear (kickin' stereo!)
  • lots more little stuff!
Known problems:
  • Speedo does not work, probably the wire got damaged during the engine swap
  • Power steering rack leaks fluid at about a quart every 300 miles, rack on parts car is good.
  • Oil presure reads low at iddle, its a bad sender, pressure reads 20-25psi at idle hot and 60psi at 3500 RPM hot when measured with an external guage (with 10w40 Mobil-1).
  • Alarm/keyless entry has a short somewhere and does not arm, unless disabled alarm drains battery.
  • Pasenger side front power lock non-functional (parts car has good doors on passengers side)
  • Rust on right front jack-point needs repair
  • ABS light on, parts car has complete system...
  • Active suspension defaults to sport about 70% of the time (proably a bad wheel sensor (did I mention the parts car?))
  • AC blows only a little cooler than the incoming air, should recover with a recharge (compressor, expander and condenser on parts car!)
  • Needs some love, and a good detailing!
All this plus a parts car of the same year, model, and color AND a partial parts engine (if you want it)!

Altleast 11 good Speedline/Alfa 15" alloy wheels, mabe 12 if the left rear from the parts car can be straightened.

Must sell because of moving, I won't have a place to park it and I can't afford to transport it and store it.

Parts car MUST go away with the good car, I don't care what gets done with it, but part of the deal is that the buyer makes it go away :) (the parts car will need to be towed on a flat-bed as the left-rear suspension is crushed)

Runs and drives great!

Asking $???? MUST SELL! No Reasonable Offer Refused!

Pictures below! Ask if you need more!
location: Johnson, Vermont USA
Call or e-mail Matt Wimmer:
days: 802-734-6794
e-mail: jawzxx *at* gmail *dot* com

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Still for sale...

the car is still available, it's been crazy arround here moving and tryong to live in two places at once...

Will post some pics, hopefully this friday.

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pictures, finally...

jeeze it's been crazy. Didn't even have time to wash it, but here are some pics of both the good car and the parts car.


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I don't want to put this on needs a good home! Make an offer, will anyone buy it for $2500?
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