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Needs work on rear suspension, only bit to fail MOT. Lots of new bits on front. Spares or repair, any offers or parts required ask! Too good to scrap but nobody wants it!!! Have a baby that cries more, and costs more therefore sale/scraping of car rather than fixing it.:(

Needs 2 new transverse arms (hub to central suspension mount) one each side, and a tiny patch of welding. Quote for £400 all in to get MOT.

New; windscreen, front disks, springs, bottom swivels, engine mount, rubber covers on steering rack, rev sensor, exhaust, belts and service parts as required. 2 spare alloys, and front section of exhaust, and spare computer for 1989 12v without catalyst. (this car has cat, but does not legally have to have one)

Body work in good condition, but some of the laquer has come off so it looks tatty, but no rust. 150,000 miles on second clutch for last 30,000 miles. Has been used, but also looked after.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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