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FS 1989 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold

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2.5 liter V-6, Silver Pearl Metallic, Alloy wheels, Cruise Control, AM/FM/CD player, 5 speed transmission, Power steering, Power brakes, Power windows, Power door locks, Power mirrors, Air conditioning, Heated drivers seat,Full Recaro interior, Verde gauges/switches/tail lights, 24mm Verde front sway bar & poly bushings, Poly castor bushings, Sunroof, Stebro stainless rear exhaust, No rust, 155,163 actual miles. Very clean. $2950 (206) 550-6115 or [email protected]
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Could you share with us the location of the car?

Might as well add before another BBer does:

Pictures wouldn't hurt either:)
Based on the area code, it's Seattle. I can't help with pictures, though.

Re: Milano for sale

I do have pictures but they were to large (hi-res) to post here. email me at [email protected] and I'll send some. Also, I am east of Seattle, WA.

Later, Jeff
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