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FS: 1988 Milano Verde 3.0L

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Mint CA car! (now in Oregon) always garaged, no dents or rust anywhere! 96K original miles, 2nd. owner. Runs strong, never raced or rallyed. S-cams, Konis, P-700's, aero brake hoses, new battery. Recent (within the last 20K miles); timing belt, water pump, pads, rotors, clutch, airflow meter, bushings and motor mounts. Regular tuneups, filters, fluid changes and Mobil-1. Paint is glossy red with regular coats of Xymol. No split or missing exterior trim although there is a crack in the right headlight assembly that does not leak (the left assemby is new.) Interior is near new looking with the exception of the headliner, and wear through in the center of the driver's seat and to a much lesser extent on the passager seat. All electric functions but the driver's side door handle is sometimes inoperative as is the electric lock. ABS light is on but there are no apparent problems. I invested alot of time and care into this car and hate to see it go, (Fortunately I still have a beautiful '86 Spider) but need to get a family 4WD for trips to the snow with the kids (Argg!) I am asking $6250. I will get pictures up ASAP! Please give me a call if you have questions. I reside in Eugene, OR. Ciao!

Ron Piazza (541) 344-5377
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Anxiously awaiting pics...
Yes please. Waiting on photos!
Having problems with my digital camera formatting. Will borrow a friend's tomorrow and get some up in the next few. Thanks for the interest and stay tuned... Ron
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