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This is a 1988 Spider Veloce convertible with 67,277 miles. It was given to me by an uncle of mine who is an Alfa enthusiast. He bought the car in march of 2004 from the original owner who was a wealthy elderly woman who obviously did not put much strain on the car at all. I am the third owner and all three owners have treated and mantained the car very well. I drive it at least 5 or 6 days a week and have enjoyed every minute of it. As any Alfa enthusiast, or future one for that matter, should know, Italian cars such as Alfa Romeos tend to have very eccentric characters. This Spider is no different. It does have some minor problems but nothing that cannot be we worked on over a long period of time. In other words you will most likely have to do little or no work in order to start enjoying this particular Alfa. Some points that cannot be seen in the pictures are:
-interior lights do not work
-several small exterior dings and dents, nothing major
-doors do not lock though most people leave the top down anyways and this so far has not presented a problem with me or the previous owner. However the trunk locks so any valuables can be kept in there.
-passenger side window recently stopped working. you can hear the motor working but the window only moves an inch or less. I suspect it is just a matter of the window being stuck and not a problem with the motor (possibly a regulator problem).
-The car has air conditioning capabilities but needs to be recharged
-Fuel gauge is not accurate but has not been a problem in my daily driving or the previous owner's
-is being sold without speakers and amp but this is possibly negotiable.

Under the previous owner's care this car received significant work:
-New convertible top
-An entirely new gas tank
-New fuel pump
-Fuel hose replacement
-Windshield wipers were not working but got new motor, blades, and washer jets
-New heater
-Replaced dash
-Replaced radiator
-Body and paint work
-Replaced spark plugs
-Replaced air filter
-Regular maintenance
-And I have just replaced the trunk cable, release latch, and the release latch housing.

for more pictures contact me

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