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Good day:

After residing with me since January 2003 and being a part of the family since 1988, it is time to sell my 1986 Spider Graduate. The car has 124k miles on the original engine and was the subject of an exterior restoration in the Summer of 2004, during which time it received a new top and new (used) dashboard to replace the original which had one large crack.

We'll start with the bad: notwithstanding all rust being properly addressed during the restoration (i.e. new metal, no bondo), rust has appeared in the rockers and should be addressed. Also, there are sheepskins on the seats as the seats have some tears given that they are original.

Stereo: The speakers in the back are year-or-so old JL separates (great speakers, and the fronts are Boston separates that have been in the car for many years. I intend to remove the new Panasonic head unit prior to sale; thus the car will not have a stereo.

The good: Veloce wheels (with colored centers), top in great condition (with two top boots) and paint in great shape. New brake booster. Last year, I replaced all rear-end bushings with poly (transformed the car and rides great). At the same time, I installed poly front swaybar bushings and new tie-rod ends. The transmission mount was done this past month, and the driveshaft support, bearing and guibo are all recent. The car has IAP spring and 205-60-14 tires with plenty of tread remaining. Car is aligned perfectly.

About 2.5 years ago, while chasing down what turned out to be a failing flywheel sensor (these usually work or don't - very odd), I changed the fuel injectors, coil, cap, rotor and high-pressure fuel pump (old pump, which was not the problem, comes with the car).

I changed the engine mounts this past year, installed a new engine fan (had euro style, which is a bit sketchy in Miami), installed a new a/c compressor (134) and installed a nice set of headlamp relays and heavy duty wiring/connectors (from Daniel Stern Lighting). 02 sensor is new within last month, but the catalyst has been punched out.

Overall, this car is a great driver and has been very well maintained all of its life. If you are interested, then please contact me at [email protected] or at my office 305.579.0589. More photos upon request. Thank you for looking.



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