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Hi all,

Some of you may know this car ... I purchased it from Tony, an AROSC board member, who campaigned it for several years at race events. Slaysman recommended that I post it here since some of you are familiar with the car.

With that out of the way ......

After a year of fun with this car, and some hearing loss, it's time to part ways with the Rex. This is an ideal track day weapon that's tons of fun to drive. Great for HPDE and could be a candidate for club racing with a few upgrades. Been a great car for me. I'm going in a different direction, so this car needs a new home.


  • 1986 RX-7 with all non-essentials stripped. Light, fast, and handles beautifully.
  • Recently aligned by Mark at Iron Canyon Motorsports and it's nice and straight. Very neutral in corners.
  • 2400lbs?
  • Chassis mileage 175k+ currently with non-original NA 13b.
  • Track only, not street legal.

  • Relatively stock 13b NA with a couple things removed/adjusted for track use
  • Runs very strong, doesn't smoke, though mileage unknown
  • OMP delete (yay premix!)
  • Underdrive pulley kit (reduces parasitic drag and water cavatation at high RPM)
  • Whatever that thing is that helps it idle when cold ... yea that's gone
The Rest

  • Upgraded GTU brakes
  • Coilovers
  • Borla exhaust (so f'n loud)
  • Exedy Clutch
  • Sparco Evo seat (long expired)
  • Schroth 6pt HANS harnesses (2014)
  • Autopower 6pt bolt-in cage
  • Sweet Engineering quick release hub
  • Stock fuel tank
  • Water temp gauge
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Team Dynamics Race 1.2 wheels (new last Nov)
  • Extra set of 15x7 wheels

  • Full 13b longblock (unknown condition)
  • Transmission
  • Rear axles
  • Front brake assemblies
  • New in box Hawk front (Blue) and rear (Black) pads
Frank Talk

  • If planning to use seriously in W2W, the cage should be upgraded and welded in. Then throw a back brace on the seat or put a new one in.
  • Clutch was supposedly newish when I purchased the car a year ago, but it's a little slow to engage during the 3/4 upshift. Not sure if it needs to be adjusted or perhaps it's not heavy duty enough.
  • Can you run this full-bore 25 laps straight at Buttonwillow in August? No, no you can't. But other than exceptionally hot days, this car runs plenty cool. During the Alfa Club race last month at WSIR I never broke 200 (water temp) during the 15 lap races.
  • Could use fresh bushings and maybe the transmission mount.
I've had the car about a year, and I've been whittling down my lap times. I'm a high-intermediate sort of guy. Here are a couple of my PBs to give you an idea of where the car is:

BRP 13W......2:09.945 (
SOW CW......1:31.07x
CVR CW........2:10.838 (

Someone faster than me can shave a couple more seconds off of those in its current state for sure.

Overall this car is a joy to own and drive. Unload it, drive your heart out, load it back up and park it ... it's a no muss, no fuss track day toy.

Price: $3800 OBO

Car is located in Van Nuys, CA. I can meet you there to check it out and fire it up almost anytime. Call or text 626-757-8304.

This car is NOT street legal and will be sold on a bill of sale.

More pictures at this link:

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