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FS:1983 spyder

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for sale:1983 Veloce Spider

1983 spyder , red with tan interior and black top.This car has all options,power windows, power mirrors,air,etc.35000 mi.$8000.
There were a few problems but we now have working bosch computers and a new exhaust manifold.(was running on a mega-squirt system ).Has been garaged for the past 10 years.


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Do you have any more photos? Where are you located?
More info:

The car is in Ohio near cleveland.


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Just curious... Are there other (performance) mods besides the Megasquirt? I would think that the Megasquirt is very desirable, provided it's properly sorted. (I see the car on the dyno.) Who did the installation, and developed the maps? (I just drove my black '84 from NJ to Ohio this past Friday, for its winter hibernation!)

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This car is basicly stock,the megasquirt is just used to replace a dead bosch ecu.For daily reliability the bosch should be better. Here is the VE table I have been using.


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This car is still for sale, now with a newer exhaust manifold and standard bosch computers.
interior pics?
Yes on the asking price, i'll try to get some more pics this week.
Yes it's still for sale.Also it has the leather seats, still in good shape.We had seat covers on it most of the time.
Still for sale.Summer phone # is 231-347 five three five eight for all the latest info.
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