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it's a 1978 alfa spider, has a new head from centerline installed, recent paint job in red (paint wasn't thickest quality but looks real nice), new leather seats, i just gutted all the interior and sanded and primed any surface rust in floors (wasn't much) car has an undercoating. i put in padding and carpet that i glued and secured down. has new exhaust (muffler and modern cat). just passed emisions.

has 1974 type headers and no air pump, no top strap downs or top cover.

Things i planned on getting too, but didn't:
1. needs a new top

2. needs washer fluid set up

i was so excited to finally have the car in nice driving condition and never planned on selling it but i am moving to houston in the next week and need to get rid of it since i will no longer have anywhere to store a third car down there.

I would like to get 5k obo, no reasonable offer refused.

i will post pictures tonight when i have a little more time, and try to answer any questions people might have.

car is in ogden utah
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