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FS: 1970 GTV parts car for sale

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Hello, i'm selling my rusty parts car...

the car is a 1970 GTV, it has a 2 litre engine with weber carbs, it has a transmisson that has no crunch when i drove the car to the top of the hill and parked it. The car does have an ownership, which i had never changed over from the previous owner. the car is far too gone to be retored, but if someone can use the parts, it would make a perfect part car. PM if interested...
The car is located in Hamilton, Ontario

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Motor w/ webers and glass would be worth the money alone...
Thanks, "gprocket" for the positive feedback , i would think the same.
If the chassis number on the ebay GT is indeed AR1530543 (a US version 1750), then someone has replaced the front clip with a stepnose.
If you are interested in parting out I would be interested in the rear lights and possibly the aftermarket wheels. Some interior trim pieces also.
If parting, I'd be interested in getting a price on the front center grill. :)
I'd rather try to sell the whole car, and avoid parting it out.
But thanks for your interest..
The car is now sold, thanks
Anyone I know?
Thanks Ken,

To a guy in Montreal, that is restoring a GTV.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts