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FS: 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina

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Hi Guys. Those in the know will no doubt know this day has been coming, but now it's out there! I'm heading O/S in November for 2 months and would like to get this sold before I go. I'd desperately love it to go to a BBer before I put it on mainstream classifieds or, heaven forbid, eBay.

There are plenty of pictures and the odd thread regarding my car on here which you are free to dig up at your leisure. Anyway, enough preamble. The car.

1970 1750 Berlina
107316 mls as at 4/9/07


- Resprayed in the early 2000s in the original Rosso Alfa, only acrylic though. The paint looks excellent from a distance and polishes up very well, but in some places perhaps the prep is a little poor or the finish has some micro-scratches. Still holds its own on show day though. I can't find a speck of rust on the car, and that includes looking underneath on a hoist. Any of you will know that this is ultra-important and the starting point when looking at any 105. All brightwork present and correct and in VGC except for 1750 hubcaps.


- Retrimmed in the early 2000s in Nero vinyl, backseat superb, front seats VGC although drivers seat obviously used a little more. Under sheepskin covers until last year.
- Dash refurbed with new wood veneer and perfect dash top, no cracks, even around the speedo/tach bubbles.
- All gauges in excellent condition.
- Full black carpets
- Steering wheel has had light refurb, VGC


- Reco'd engine at about 92000? Very strong, no smoke and pulls like a train all the way to redline. Always run on 98RON UPULP, with Golden Lodge plugs.
- Polished cam covers
- New clutch at 100000
- Gearbox fine
- Single muffler exhaust (middle box removed), sounds nice, and sounds loud!


- Brake MC reco and new pads fitted last year.
- Pirelli P400 Touring (low wear tire) 10000mls old, still 70%
- Koni dampers
- Some suspension bushing work done in '06.

- I have little history except for while the car has been in my possession and that of the PO. Car originally comes from Wodonga and the NSW Riverina area. History before 1995 a little sketchy, though most restoration work was carried out by the PO. Believed 4 or 5 owners, myself inclusive. I've had the car since June 2006. I also have a 1750 Berlina Parts manual folder (huge), a 1750 Berlina owners handbook, and a 1750 Berlina sales brochure to go with the large and ever expanding receipt file going back 12 years.
- Always serviced and had work done (during my ownership at least) by italian specialists, using Penrite lubricants.
- Full vic reg til Mar 08.


- Oil pressure gauge, as usual for a 105.
- Steering box needs reco

I think that's about it but i'd be happy to field any other questions you might have. Also, Ben (italiansedanman) has driven the car, and Damo (damo105) has seen it on various occasions so both can vouch for various aspects of its condition, if they want to of course. No pressure guys!

So price! Well, I figure a comparative Spider would set you back 20K, and a comparitive GTV would set you back 15K. So, I think $8500 is reasonable.

This car has given me a great deal of pleasure and is an enormous amount of fun. The boot is enormous as well, it can swallow 2 samsonite suitcases and still have room left over, meaning its as practical as it is a drivers car. It's also bloody reliable! I've driven it pretty much daily for 14 months now and the only time it ever really let me down was when the clutch failed, and even then i didnt need a tow. Berlinas are rare, rust free berlinas a rarer, and rust free Berlinas with a lot of work and attention done are rarer still.

Thanks for looking, Pete.


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Traitor !!!! :)

I can confirm the car is indeed in very nice condition. it's easily worth the money, considering it would cost at least twice that amount to get another Berlina to that condition.
That's seems like a very good price for a classic alfa but if your only going O/S for 2 months, why sell it? If you want to sell it regardless you could always wait until you get back. Looks like a fantastic car though, I'd really consider it if I had money to burn.
Nipper: Going O/S and selling the Berlina are mutually exclusive events, but I just thought I'd like to get it out of the way before I go, if possible.
Pete - traitor cause you're deserting the Berlina camp! (was joking!) :)

Good luck with the sale.
I guess your now advertising on Carsales? Its a shame you havent sold it yet - have you had any enquiries?

It just looks great.

Now if you were in Brisbane....
Pete - traitor cause you're deserting the Berlina camp! (was joking!) :)

Good luck with the sale.
Damo, the problem is not the camp he's deserting but the camp he's moving to...
I think I already told Damo about that camp. He was fairly understanding :)

I think the car is pretty much sold, just sorting a few details but should be going wednesday.
I think I already told Damo about that camp. He was fairly understanding :)

I think the car is pretty much sold, just sorting a few details but should be going wednesday.
Damo and I had a coffee today and discussed your defection into the Korean camp....

Just kidding!

Its good to know that you've potentially sold it, that certainly didn't take long.
If you dont sell it give us a yell, I was thinking of coming to Melbourne soon to have a look...


Ah but Ill keep spruiking that it has DOHC and 5spd (and 4 wheels). It's my only tenous link to my 105 days. The car will be heading to Sydney, so NSW guys look out.
It seems fair to send it to Sydney, considering I sent mine to melbourne. It'll keep things in balance
Pete must be time to add the Berlina to the 'Previous' section of your signature...

Glad to hear that you sold it for your sake, but I just cant understand how you can live life without one.

I am so pathetically bent on cars that I cant live without the ones I love! After I had the Super written off I dreamt about Alfas! Couldn't wait to get my 1750.
Congrats on the sale Pete. I've been a bit out of the loop the last few weeks!

As for your new 'camp' - I've just had the pleasure (read sarcasm here) of a Hyundai Accent hire car for 2 weeks. It had really great ummm....side mirrors! And ummm....nah can't think of anything else, but those mirrors were **** good! :)
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