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FS: 1969 GTV on Craigslist Ft. Collins CO $5450.00

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Just saw this and thought someone might be interested at this price

Hope it finds a happy home.
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this car has been floating on the Internet for quite a while now. I once looked at 30 or so photo's that the owner sent me, before I bought my current vehicle, It is not in the best shape, but I do believe it can and should be saved by someone. I have seen cars that look worse in pictures get picked up on eBay for similar amounts. Like I said, it's been for sale for a while, maybe the seller would be interested in accepting a lower offer by now. I have not seen the car in person, and some have, you really need to see it in person yourself. (I have no relation to seller or financial interest, just think someone should save her from the crusher)
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