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Needs work, but there is NO RUST in this car. I thought the body was perfect until it got hot and cold and some bondo cracked on the nose. Very disappointing. Still, the damage doesn't appear to be very bad, and I was going to just restore the car anyway considering what they're worth after they're done. Engine runs good, but I was going to rebuild because its the original build on the 1600 and there could be a lot more power there. Still, I drove this car home to Colorado from California last year. Transmission is great, no grinding anywhere. The interior is gutted because the carpet in it was incorrect. The seats are also out of a later model Spider ('70s), and last but not least the top is shot. Comes with a brand new cloth top though. Car runs and drives well and is an excellent candidate for an easy restoration if you have the time or money. I just got married and am getting out of the Alfa Romeo game for awhile.

Located in Western Colorado.
If someone will give me $7500 for it I'll sell. If not I'll save it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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