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FS 1963 101 Sprint 1600 - Shed find - SOLD

Note: the car has been sold and happily will remain in Australia. Thankyou for your interest in the car.

Have decided to sell the Sprint which has been mentioned in Michael Bardens RHD 101 thread on this board. No mystery to this. Have too many cars and this would realistically sit for a long time, whilst other cars and projects are completed. Prefer to see car being returned to the road sooner than I could organise.

It was imported to Australia by the Italian Embassy in the 1960's. Has been in a shed (dirt floor since 1970) - will post some pics later.

It is a rare car (Australia) with an interesting and known history - does require restoration.



Please PM for any details

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1600 images

image link to the car

Giulietta pictures by micheloaks - Photobucket

34501 original miles
Matching numbers correct
All owners we believe known including original purchaser in Italy

Has the aftermarket Bloster steering lock
Also radio delete plate
Dealer plate affixed to trunk lid

Marco Fazio confirmed the following;

..."according to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 358683 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint (101.12), engine series AR 00112, manufactured on the 3rd July 1963, sent to SCAR Alfa Romeo dealer in Rome and sold on the 16th July 1963 to Mrs. Vittoria Teresa R.
The body colour is gardenia white (AR 005)."


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Timewarp car

Upholstery intact -
a small tear approx 15mm in length at top of passenger back,
lining not torn though discolored.
Door cards in mint condition and flat
Rear upholstery in mint condition
Dash very dirty though not cracked - small amount of loss to the stitching on passenger side
Carpets original complete very dirty

Floors appear very sound
Boot appears very sound - original battery tray in place with no apparent corrosion on it or around it
Sills both sides rusty
Both lower edges of doors rusty
Passenger side rear lower edge of front wing has rust - see photos

Has original spare wheel
Original Toolkit - at least one of the original tools
Spare wheel clamp
Air filter box at least one of the original tools
All wiring original untampered
Wipers etc
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