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I am selling as a complete package the following:

* Original owner's manual in English for the 1900 Super, TI Super and C Super Sprint (worn, taped cover, tired but complete);

* a three-ring binder with Xerox copies of the following:
- Sales brochure (8 pages) in English for the three window, Giulietta-grill'd Super Sprint (three window);
- Sales brochure similar to the above, but for the 1900 Super sedan
- A different sales brochure for the 1900 Super, in Italian with a 1-page factory English translation;
- Uso E Manutenzione (owner's manual, in Italian) for 1900, 1900C, 1900L e 1900TI;
- Catalogo Delle Parti Di Ricambi (parts book, in Italian), for the 1900, 1900 Sprint, e Derivate.

$175.00, or best offer
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