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1991 164L w/bent valves. Anyone want to buy a project?

Some documentation. Transmission was replaced. Drove very nice before problem. All windows work, all gauges - repairing heads, etc beyond my ability. Silver. 126K stepper motor done.

Beyond my ability to fix so I guess I will part out and start over - maybe :rolleyes:

Car is in SW Virginia. I would like to sell for $1500 as is, but will part it out if I get no takers. Best offers.

This is a nice car if you have an engine, time or ability. It ran super smooth before the mishap. Everything worked - including heated seats.

Someone please save this car. East Coast - Alfa-Base :: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164L for sale!

The car is the silver one. The website is PO's. I have only had it a few months - nothing is different with the exception of bent valves.
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