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Hi all, its time to make some space in the garage with spring rapidly approaching!

Desisions had to be made on which cars to keep out of the three shells, 1750 s1, 1600, and 1300. The 1600 is to go!

I had big plans for this car, but after pouring money into my other 1750 TS its time for it to go, and to start building up the 1300 racer.

For sale;

Alfa 105 1600 gtv 1967

*AR*299 330*

-Complete car less engine. (1600 engine available.)

-Completely disassembled, shell de-rusted (very solid, 100% rust free!), very original!

-Body dipped/devoid of paint/etch-primed, lead loaded.

For sale as is, fuel tank missing, bumpers are somewhere around the place also. Photos are not the best as its sandwiched between the 1300 and a 1750.

Will make for the perfect project car. Serious offers only please! will put on ebay soon enough.


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