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I recently completed a rebuild of the rear suspension and now it is time for the front. All the parts are on order for all the front suspension and steering gear (hoping not to get into the steering box yet though). Stock springs, Koni reds, heavy duty rod ends (including steering), all rubber bushings but upsized sway bar.

While the car is up I'm going for the starter, checking the ground strap, engine mounts, maybe the trans mount, replacing the vapor return line. All the stuff I've been putting off until the whole car is up on the stands. Don't know about the clutch slave and hose. Clutch feels OK but I'll see what it looks like.

Guibo looked good when I looked at it recently while replacing the parking brake cable. I was hoping to put off a driveline job until I know I have a need. Throwout bearing sounds a little noisy so I figure that whole project isn't too far off. If the trans mount looks OK then I'll wait and do that when I have to pull the trans.

I just don't want to keep pulling things apart. We want to keep doing things in manageable projects so we can enjoy the car in the driving mode in between times.

I haven't started cleaning up or inspecting yet but anything you guys can think of that you wish you did the first time in there would be helpful!

Plus any suggestions or links to good "how tos". I've read many out there and will be referencing them for sure!

Thanks all!
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