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Front Stabilizer Bar Bushings

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I have a '66 Super with some deteriorating bushings on the link (these are the half-sphere bushings) that is connected to the front stabilizer bar. The larger bushings at the center of the bar look good but I figured I'd just renew all the bushings at once.

Are there any tricks/techniques or things I should watch out for when removing the bar and replacing the bushings? Any specific order of remove/replace?

It looks pretty straightforward but wanted to get opinions from those who have gone before me.

Attached is a photo showing the items I'm replacing.



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No worries. It's as you said pretty straight forward. I believe when I did mine I attached the links loosely first and then swung the bar up to the crossmember. Then I tightened everything with the car on the ground. Also my half ball bushings were poly so I put some white lithium grease on them.
Thanks for the info.
I did the sway bar re-install and came up with a problem, I think. Julio at Milano Motors inserted the bushing into the links and noted that the bushing at each end of the bar went on by hand with ease and permits the links to spin around the sway bar and move laterally. The previous bushing had definitely been pressed on.

Thus, when I put everything back together (see photos), you can see that the link is moving along the sway bar. My fear is that the link will actually slip off the sway bar end.

The bushings are from Centerline and appear to be the right part.

Any thoughts?

I put everything together with the front end on ramps (not jacked up) but wouldn't think this would be a problem.



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The pin end on the bar looks a little too shiny.....think that the installers 'cleaned up' the ends enough to reduce their diameter????
Having one of these ends come off at speed is NO fun !!!!
They just cut off the inner sleeves (stuck on the ends of the sway bar) which had worked loose from the old, cruddy bushing. I'm certain they didn't shave it down at all--the metal washer fits snugly.

I'm wondering if there are differences among the bushing inner sleeves wrt diameter. I am assuming this is a stock sway bar for a Super but I don't know for sure.
Could be the difference between a 'snug' fit and a 'pressed' fit, only a few 1,000's of an inch.
After contacting Joe at Centerline about whether I had the correct bushings, he emailed that Alfa sway bars have been known to have some variability and recommended peening the applicable ends of the bar to achieve a secure bushing attachment. As well, Julio @Milano recommened using a punch at several points around the ends to disrupt the surface enough to achieve fit.

I tried the punch (with BFH) and it seems to have worked. The driver side link/bushing went on (used the old bushing center sleeve to punch it on) extremely tightly with minimal movement. The passenger side has some axial movement (but no lateral movement).

Bottom line: everything stitched back together and it looks right and tight. However, nothing like a test drive to verify--will do that tomorrow.

Thanks for replies--hopefully my situation can help someone out should they run across the same problem.
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