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Front Grill in nice shape for gtv6!!

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Need a front grill in solid condition for my 86 gtv6. I have the 86 center emblem and mount so not needed. Any applicable screws, clamps, etc that accompany the grill for assembly would be appreciated as well.

Also need the complete headlight bucket assembly for the drivers side (USA model) outer housing, back housing with clamps, hardware, etc.

Please assist if possible, I had a bolt seize up on my passenger side brights connection and I cannot drive it until I get this behind me.

I'll call APE as well but I'm just getting the word out.

A thousand thanks...

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I have a grill. I am sure that I have all the headlight bits but need to get them all in one place to be sure. Contact me a [email protected] if you still need one.
Thank you so much!
Just sent you an email to discuss.

Talk soon!
Thanks to 'hotlegs32'....grill acquired. Thanks so much!!
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