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Many moons ago, i was an apprentice mechanic working on Alfa by day. Then at night, i would be in my late dads garage, toiling away on my old Holden coupe. After five years, and a few more garages, it hit the road. Certainly did increase the local physio's workload for neckstrain, as i cruised the road.
Eventually my garage door opened to my first Alfa, a 33, with blown head gasket. Got it for next to nothing, fixed the motor up and intended flick it for profit. After a couple of years driving it i did flick it and replaced it with my current 164. At that time, the Monaro was king in the garage, but with age of the owner and age of the restoration on the Monaro (25 years) a decision was to be made.
Knowing the Holden was collectable, it was no longer comfortable. The 350 Chev was fun, but powersteer was becoming a necessity, as the low seat backs gave no upper body support for low speed struggle steer. Started to pop my shoulder.
Anyway, after years of ownership, my decision to sell was made.
The Alfa has been the new king since, trying to keep it original with all things working is my aim. It may not be a wanted classic at present, but when I drive and hear it, well, it is worth a million bucks to me.
Well i have enjoyed seeing some articles on classic Alfa's on this sight, then reading the threads and debates on value and condition.:)
I would like to share with you what has happened to a rare car down under. Must be a bad case of heat stroke, or finally a young nation has come of age and a historical race car with much favour as Seabiscuit.
Colin Bond and Tony Roberts drove the white Monaro to Bathurst victory in 1969. Was suppose to be auctioned Saturday gone, starting bid $1000000 (aus). Days before the auction, Australian government put a caveat on it. Now deemed an Australian Protected Object, so taking it out of Australia not...maybe....not possible now.
I still feel comfortable!
Attached 3 photos, wreck, my old car (blue), and APO(white)


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