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Just getting back to my 84 Spider project after a short 2-year break.
Car is straight and solid with no rocker panel rot and very minor signs of rust at one of the rear wheel wells. Silver paint in good, roof is OK.
One minor problem: The car had an electrical fire. The fire was hot enough to ruin the hood, crack the windshield, and bubble a small spot of paint on the passenger side fender. Much of the wiring under the hood is fried. The electrical fire looks like it started near the glovebox and worked its way along the wiring harness. The previous owner was going to do this project so he purchased a donor car and stripped it of all the parts needed plus a bunch of parts that might not be needed so the car came with spare everything: spare engine, spare transmission, spare windshield, complete wiring harness, radiator, starter, etc . . . I have about 4 large containers of spare parts.
I am getting close to the point where I need to decide if I should swap out the engine and install the spare engine. The engine in the car (exposed to the fire) has lower mileage and was probably carefully cared for. The spare engine may have been beaten and abused a bit. How can I check the compression on an engine that is not cranking over? Or do I need to hot-wire the starter to get the engine cranking to check the compression? Should I check for anything specific on the engine that might have been damaged due to the heat from the fire? I have the intake manifold off. (When I removed the intake manifold, some crunchy stuff, almost like black sand, came out of the engine.) Thanks for opinions and words of wisdom!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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