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Freight company

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Hey all im looking at shipping some wheels from adelaide to sydney would anyone out there know of one or has used one recently:rolleyes:

I"m guessing the goods would weigh round the 20kg mark each or even less x4. :confused:

Who out there has used a decent shipper and reliable:rolleyes:

Any throughts out there would be Great!!! :D
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min cost will be about $60.
i run a freight company but specialise in international and Melbourne/Perth interstate cargoes.
Pack the wheels in 2 packages of two wheels, stacking them one on top of the other.

Assuming they're an Alfa Romeo wheel of some description they'll then be in two packages but they will come in under the dimensional and weight limitations of Australia Post. So register them, and send them by mail. Wont get cheaper than that, and i've done it now three or four times.

Get your quotes here; Welcome To Australia Post
but does wheels means rims or rims and tyres?, aust post can handle rims only because of size. ipec do cash sales.
Hi sorry ment rims and tyres,Been told maybe try T.N.T do cash aswell Who are ipec?? Is that the actual name of company?? Cheers for all the help guys.

There's also busfreight. They just put your stuff in an interstate bus and you can pick up from their depot, or they can arrange it delivered to your door. They're better at big stuff. OK, they've changed their name.....

Greyhound Freight
They're better at big stuff.
They were better in the old days but now have a 20kg max actual weight :(
Got some GREAT news today from TNT they said they can carrie the wheels from door to door for $178.00 inc GST. Plus theres insurence up to 1000 free!!! Package will take two days from adelaide to sydney.
Recon thats cheep pep's??
That sounds like a nice deal to me, I dont think you'll beat it by much.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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