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Hello to all the alfisti who follow our section on this forum.

I would like to give some official information on the shipping costs of the samples that you ask us daily.

Consider that we are interior manufacturers for several Italian brands:
Autobianchi, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Innocenti and Lancia, and therefore we receive many requests for samples of our materials.
This means that we also purchase the materials to produce the samples, which we then ship for free.

Not all people who ask for samples will buy our products, however we are happy to send samples to everyone who requests them.

The cost of sending the samples is free, if we send them in an envelope via the Italian post office.
The envelope containing the samples may take 1 to 5 weeks. It depends on where the recipient lives.
In some cases, the letters with the samples get lost and therefore we have to send the samples again.

The other option is to pay for shipping via DHL.
Samples are still free, but DHL shipping costs differ from state to state.
Therefore, the shipping costs will be calculated when the samples are requested to be sent by courier.

To find samples materials for your car, check this link.

If you have any requests you can write to:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Best regards,
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