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I ran across this manual recently while replacing my alternator. Following its guidance I used a wood hammer handle to position the alternator in order to get proper belt tension.

I am posting the manual's link here, because I thought it would be of interest to other amateur mechanics:

Here's a portion of its Autoweek Review

Everybody needs to brush up on their life skills from time to time, especially if they pertain to removing dynamo pulleys. If you're not a good mechanic, like me — who can't help but get stomped in the head every time he crawls under his car — then here's a field guide for the rest of us: the succinctly-named How A Car Works details exactly how a car works. Over 236 articles are lovingly rendered in scans from a British promotional book "that went out of print 15 years ago," as promoting what the mysterious author mysteriously claims as "a large brand in the UK." Perhaps Ford — many of the Haynes-manual-via-1983 illustrations star the first-generation Ford Fiesta. (There's also a Renault 5, and what might even be a MkIV Cortina.) The information is stunningly comprehensive for something that was allegedly given away at gas stations.
Although all the content is available online for free, it's well worth $5 to get your own PDF version.
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