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Ok, I have been working off and on on this rust bucket for several years. I just had a valve replaced and while there the rest of the valves were cleaned up. Got it back together and the engine sounds good. Put a new muffler on it. But the problem is the car is pretty rusty, the windshield is cracked, the front seats are torn up, I am not sure if the water pump works well or if the radiator is at fault. i got the car becuase it overheated on the last owner and warped the head. I got that all fixed. I have been in Iraq for a little while lately and still am.

My wife is tired of the car sitting by the side of the house.(it was in the garage when I left) oh well. I agree with her, i am getting older and wearing out. I have a Fiat Spider that is taking most of my attention and money. I am ready to let this car go. I dont want to just haul it off to the wrecking yard.

I dont have any photos at the moment. I cna get my kids to take some and send them to me here. I am scheduled to be home in November.

Free to good home and I would prefer you take the whole thing and not just some parts. Trying to preseve my marriage. ( I think all Italian car nuts go thru this at least 3 times in our life!)

Oh yeah the car is in Salt Lake City Utah

You can email me here or better yet my direct email,


She has found a new home. The car not my wife ! :)
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