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Frankfurt Preview: Alfa Romeo allows individual pimpage

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Click the image above for a gallery of high-res pics.

While mass customization has slowly become a mainstay strategy for automakers courting buyers from all walks of life, Alfa Romeo's particular program has some added cachet. Originally instituted with the introduction of the 8C Competizione, where buyers of Alfa's flagship have a hand in tailoring their ultra-exclusive GT to suit, the new "Ultra-Alfa" customization program will filter its way down to the Italian automaker's mass-market offerings. Three different "programs" will be available, ranging from "Vintage" to "TI", that find influence with every aspect of Alfa's heritage.

The "Vintage" program has a more classic feel, while the "Collezione" packages come complete with "perfumed" leather seats, contrasting stitching, metal inserts and plenty of other spizzarkle.

The "Turismo Internazionale," or "TI" packages, draw more on Alfa's racing tradition and centers on performance items that include revised suspensions setups and brakes, along with exclusive wheel designs and high-performance tires.

You can read through Alfa's press release after the jump, and see its new-fangled wares below in the gallery before they debut next week in Frankfurt.

[Source: Alfa Romeo]

Gallery: Alfa Romeo's "Ultra Alfa" customization program

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