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Ill be driving a great deal in France and know that they have many stationary radar cameras that Tom Tom maps out.

It was just the early 2000s when I cruised at 230-240kph on the A6 in my diesel rental MBenz. But now that's go to jail speed...thanks to Sarkozy.

***KEY question is > how aggressive are French Police in looking for Radar detectors?

**Has anyone seen them using a Radar Detector-Detector? These are typically made by Stalker out of Australia and retail for $3000 USD.

***Does anyone know of 100% car searches/body searches/frisk your clothes searches.... if police suspect a detector?

I have read numerous accounts on line of 1500 euro fines for Brits mostly that have a Radar detector on their dash and then get pulled to the local police station for a nightmare cash payment.

I need real world experience please- not moral speculation. I have been to church and know that I am a bad person already thank you very much.

I have already gotten 6 French speeding tickets- so I'm very familiar with that process too- thank you.

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