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Hello all,
I've been on a search for bottom seat cushions for my '84 Spider Veloce and couldn't find any. After numerous searches I finally decided to look at one that kept coming up, but since the name of the web site was, I didn't look. They have way, way more than just Fiat stuff.
Anyway, not only did the site show that they carried them (I know, there all from the same place, made by the same place, yada yada yada!!), but that they also had them in stock. Huh, really? So I called, spoke with a nice gentleman named David who said they had 5 in stock. Needless to say I ordered a pair. And they're the same price as most everyone out there. I didn't want to embarrass myself, any more than usual, by telling the forum world only to have something 'else' show up.
So now I'll tell you. They're just what I needed, and they're the right cushion also. So many times I'd call somewhere only to find out that their bottom cushions were from that 'other' Spider. So I'm attaching a picture also, just to clarify.
Look them up if you need seat bottoms, call and ask for David, and tell him Bobby sent you.


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