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If you are looking for a high quality Upholsterer in the Pacific Northwest, You may want to consider CustomFit Upholstery in Lynnwood, Washington. I have no affiliation, but when you find a good shop, I feel it is important to the community to share.

I am in process of refurbishing a 74 GTV. This winters project is the interior. You can go to this thread and read about my project, Page 4 and 5 discuss the interior.

One of the things I researched was various options for updating my seats. Original seats are vinyl and I wanted leather seating surfaces. I checked the various vendors people have mentioned in this forum, but in the end decided to have them custom made to meet my goals of original look with leather seating.

After checking with a lot of sources, I chose CustomFit. I am happy with the choice for a few reasons.

One, quality is amazing. I am happy with the outcome. Here is a picture of my rear seat to get a sense of the workmanship.


The owner Duane (Bum) Whitson is good guy. He actually listened to what I wanted, offered some suggestions, and then did his research to ensure that he kept to the original style. Duane quoted a very reasonable price and stuck to the price when finished. No weird games when I came to pick up the seats. I can't tell you how much I appreciate honesty in a shop.

Anyway, I know this is big challenge for a lot of people refurbishing, or restoring these classic cars.

thank you

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