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Forlorn Black Spider S3 Quad spotted in Uptown

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Yesterday evening, while visiting a friend in Uptown, I spotted what appeared to be a very straight Spider S3 in the parking lot. I don't recall the name of his building - it's a Post apartment at State and Allen.

It was a very straight - albeit very, very dusty - '86-90 Spider Quad. Black. Had proper 15" phonedial wheels and a cloth top (tear in rear window). It had the State of the Arts license plates, but the registration and inspection had expired in '04 and '05 (forget which date for which). One tire was flat. It didn't look like the car had moved in a few years.

Anyone know anything about it? Sad to see what appeared to be a solid shape Spider sitting in a parking garage somewhat exposed to the elements. I imagine it "ran when parked..."
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