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I have the rust free tub of my 1967 Guilia Super race car that needs a good home (or a bad home if you have the money) and also needs a front clip and a right rear quarter panel.

I also have a roller car with a good front clip, (and not much behind the cowl worth saving); and a roller car with decent rear quarters and rear panel, with four doors, (and not much worth saving ahead of the rear of the car).

There are enough parts to put the car together for the track (and possibly the street), less the engine/drivetrain.

All the sheetmetal is good and the spotwelds can be drilled out to seperate the pieces for reassembly (sure sounds simple :) ) What a great winter project for the low budget racer.

$1500.00 buys all three, with titles.

For some reason I can't attach photos, so will have to send them to you at your email
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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