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Ive got too many cars so Ive decided to let her go and concentrate my attention on my 66 Stepnose. Im sure I'll regret it as she's a delight to drive and Itll be a few months at least before the 105 is back on the road and I can once again enjoy the thrill of driving an Alfa.

This was my everyday driver until I bought my Subaru Wagon 3 weeks ago for practical reasons.

Good Engine and Gearbox
Body good generally except some small patches of surface rust and slight impact passenger side rear end which needs some work.
Interior generally neat
Campag rims
Located in Adelaide
Red with Gold stripe

Ive only got one photo of her at the moment and a Photoshopped side view where I put on some different rims and lowered her a bit( a lot) but Ill get some more photos ASAP for intersted parties.

$1250 ???

Give me a call on

Home 08 8449 2266
Work 08 83042961


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