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Hello all, have a 1974 Alfa Romeo for sale. 2.0L, dual overhead cam, 5 speed, runs and drives good. Top in good shape, original stainless steel bumpers front and rear, tires and brakes in good condition. Car located in Tampa, Florida. Asking price $5499 OBO For more information, text (813) 453-2554.


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Welcome to the BB.

Based upon tradition here, I suggest you’ll improve your odds a great deal if:

You post your location. We serve a worldwide audience, so the location would be critical for selling a car.

Post your price. Studies over decades have shown the odds of attracting a buyer go down about 65% if no price is listed in the ad.

Pictures. Probably more of a factor than omitting the price.

Detailed description of good and bad. You’re trying to sell to an informed market. We will reward honesty and transparency, and be leery of an absence of detail.

I’m not sure of the current situation regarding posting photos. In the old system, it required 10 posts before you would be allowed to post pics. If you contact the administrators they can assist you with this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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